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On the Predictability of Stock Returns in Real Time
Researchers have documented an abundance of evidence that stock returns are predictable ex post facto. In this study, we address the ex ante predictability of the cross section of stock returns byExpand
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A cure for outdated capital budgeting techniques
Is your firm still using outdated capital budgeting techniques? They tend to be overly conservative in evaluating alternatives—and may reject a project that should have been accepted. Instead, theExpand
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Are US firms stockpiling too much cash
US companies are stockpiling cash, despite the economic downturn. But why are they doing this? And are they holding too much cash? The authors of this article investigate the reasons for this trend,Expand
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Consumer Wealth as a Predictor of Plastic Surgery Volume
MethodS: A retrospective analysis was performed comparing the five most common plastic surgery procedures across three categories (cosmetic surgical, cosmetic minimally invasive and reconstructive),Expand
U.S. Firms: Still Too Much Cash?
U.S. firms have been accumulating cash fairly steadily since the 1980s. Has this changed four years after the “official” end of the recession? And are both large and small firms continuing to retainExpand
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Merger Waves and Corporate Inversions: Causes and Consequences
A number of reports from the business press have suggested that corporate cash hoarding may have served as the motivation for the recent rise in inversions. While access to cash may motivate someExpand
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Back to Business Basics: Buyers, Benefits, and Brands on the Internet
ABSTRACT This paper contends that the emergence of the Internet as a new global customer contact vehicle fooled just about everyone into believing the traditional business model was irrelevant. Now,Expand
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The Limits of Reverse Auction Pricing Strategy and Priceline.com
ABSTRACT Priceline.com was thought to be the ideal e-Commerce company in that a simple reverse auction pricing mechanism was wedded to the unique opportunities of the Internet. At its inception,Expand