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Exact and approximate membership lookups are among the most widely used primitives in a number of network applications. Hash tables are commonly used to implement these primitive functions as they provide <i>O</i>(1) operations at moderate load (table occupancy). However, at high load, collisions become prevalent in the table, which makes lookup highly(More)
  • Bill Lynch
  • 2002
OBJECTIVES This article details the introduction and development of the use of microcomputers as adjuncts to traditional cognitive rehabilitation of persons with acquired brain injury. SUMMARY The initial application of video games as therapeutic recreation in the late 1970s was soon followed in the early 1980s by the use of the first personal computers(More)
Hash functions are vital in networking. Hash-based algorithms are increasingly deployed in mission-critical, high speed network devices. These devices will need small, quick, hardware hash functions to keep up with Internet growth. There are many hardware hash functions used in this situation, foremost among them CRC-32. We develop parametrized methods for(More)
The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread is dedicated to serving as a catalyst for innovative public and private solutions in two spheres – one global and one regional – that reflect the Johnson Family's longstanding passions: healthy environments and healthy local communities. Over the course of 50 years the Johnson Foundation has hosted leading thinkers and(More)
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