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The internal structures of commercial spheronised microcrystalline cellulose (s-MCC) and pre-gelatinised starch (PGS) granules were investigated, using a range of methods. Results from scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) revealed hierarchical structures, with dimensions ranging from(More)
In its recent submissions to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority argued that the risk weight on lending secured by residential mortgage should be reduced from 50% to 20%. Using Australian banking data, we estimate the relative riskiness of assets according to their regulatory imposed risk weights. The(More)
This paper describes the interactive computer system used in Posthorn, a multimedia composition which is performed on Neill's self-designed instrument, the mutantrumpet. The technology and aesthetics of the system and the merging of acoustic instrument performance with software-based improvisation are explored in detail.
PURPOSE We sought to describe and quantify differences among the year of first positive HIV test from patient report, the medical record, and HIV/AIDS surveillance data. METHODS We merged two clinic-based studies with overlapping HIV-infected participant populations in North Carolina with the HIV/AIDS Reporting System (HARS) and examined the first(More)
Executive Summary The California Internet Voting Task Force was convened by Secretary of State Bill Jones to study the feasibility of using the Internet to conduct elections in California. More than two dozen experts in the field of data security, elections and voter participation were asked to volunteer their time and expertise in the development of this(More)
All Rights Reserved iii For my parents. iv Acknowledgments It has been a pleasure working on BICEP for the past six years, and I thank my advisor, Andrew Lange, for allowing me to join his research group and for providing an intellectually stimulating work environment. To Kathy Deniston, Bryanne Fidler, and Barbara Wertz, thank you all for your(More)
Dear Reader: This publication, "History of Voting systems in Californian, was produced under the direction of Edward G. Arnold, who worked in the Elections ~ivision of the Secretary of State's Office for 27 years. His retirement in January of 1999 coincides with the publication of this book, and nicely "bookends" Ed's career in our office. During hi time(More)
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