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Anyone who lives on, plays in, or otherwise appreciates lakes values them. But what are they worth? And should that worth only be determined for the lake's value to humans? In today's society, there is an undeniable " paradox of lake values. " I fear that we take lakes for granted in much the same way that Garret Hardin wrote in his famous 1968 essay, " The(More)
  • Cynthia Hsin, Chiang, Jamie Bock, Brendan Crill, Darren Dowell, Eric Hivon +12 others
  • 2008
All Rights Reserved iii For my parents. iv Acknowledgments It has been a pleasure working on BICEP for the past six years, and I thank my advisor, Andrew Lange, for allowing me to join his research group and for providing an intellectually stimulating work environment. To Kathy Deniston, Bryanne Fidler, and Barbara Wertz, thank you all for your(More)
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