Bill Geisler

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During the epidemic outbreak in the region of Greifswald in the winter 1974/75, we found influenza virus variants which showed differences in the electrophoretic mobility of HA. Among the 25 isolates 13 were of slower and 12 of higher mobility. HA1 of 6 isolates was studied by determining the number of the carbohydrate side chains and by direct sequencing(More)
PURPOSE Delineation of brain tissue that is at risk but not yet infarcted (penumbra) continues to be a major challenge for stroke imaging. Metabolic characterization of the penumbra might be able to be achieved using blood-oxygen-level-dependent (BOLD) imaging. MATERIALS AND METHODS We analyzed MRI data from 20 patients within the first 6 hours after(More)
The evolution of computational science over the last decade has resulted in a dramatic increase in raw problem solving capabilities. This growth has given rise to advances in scientific and engineering simulations that have put a high demand on tools for high-performance large-scale data exploration and analysis. These simulations have the potential to(More)
In this paper we report that a combination of noncontact and contact atomic force microscopy is a convenient and reliable method for imaging and dissecting single plasmid deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) strands on mica at ambient conditions without leaving feedback and without damage to the scanning tips. The width and thickness measured at different points of(More)
Electrophoretic mobility differences in polyacrylamide gels were detected between (35S)-methionine-labelled nucleoproteins (NPs) induced in monolayer cells by 15 human and 4 avian reference strains of influenza viruses. The (35S)-methionine-labelled tryptic peptides of nucleoproteins of these strains were also analyzed by peptide mapping technique. Based on(More)
Near-contact mode atomic force microscopy (AFM) imaging leads to sharper representations of DNA double strands on mica imaged at ambient conditions compared with noncontact mode AFM. Phase shift was used for feedback control yielding height information using a simple model calculation. No contact between tip and sample occurs. Measured DNA widths were up to(More)
A collection of 39 influenza A virus strains of the subtype H3N2 isolated in G.D.R. and of six reference strains were analysed with regard to the antigenic structure of their surface proteins haemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA) as well as regarding their polypeptide variations. For the field strains during the drift period from spring 1969 to spring(More)