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This study assessed the utility of the Child Sexual Behavior Inventory (CSBI) in a child welfare sample. In this study, 97 children from ages 10 to 12 from either foster boarding homes or a residential treatment center participated. Researchers interviewed foster parents or primary therapists about children's sexual behavior, traumatic events, clinical(More)
In the treatment of severe chest injuries with flail chest either positive-pressure mechanical ventilation (and tracheostomy) is necessary or the surgical stabilisation of the chest wall by osteosyntheses of the broken ribs. Fourteen patients (age 27-73) with severe chest injuries and paradoxical respiration were operated and the rib fractures stabilized by(More)
Secondary brachial plexus paralysis do not occur very often as a consequence of collar bone fractures. It is difficult to detect the cause, especially as there can be quite a long interval between the trauma and occurrence of the first symptoms. The problem is discussed with reference to a case observed by the authors: atypical callus formation 7 weeks(More)
First a short survey of the variety of experiments concerning absorbable implants is given. The result of those experiments, especially with large implants are still quite unsatisfactory. For small osteosynthesis the development of Polydioxanon-Pins seems to open new perspectives of therapy. Also some selected indications in the field of hand surgery as(More)
In a consecutive series of 150 fractures treated surgically 16 wound infections were observed. Evaluating the intraoperative wound swabs, type and localisation of the fractures, duration of operation and tourniquet time it was tried retrospectively to find a relationship to these posttraumatic wound infections. The highest rate of infection was found in(More)