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To assess the impact of anthropogenic effects on global climate and to quantitatively distinguish them from natural effects is a daunting scientific task. To meet this challenge, satellite instruments, for example, must be capable of observing atmospheric temperature trends as small as 0.1 C/decade, ozone changes as small as 1%/decade, and variations in the(More)
The TRANSCAR ionospheric model was extended to account for the convection of the magnetic field lines in the auroral and polar ionosphere. A mixed EulerianLagrangian 13-moment approach was used to describe the dynamics of an ionospheric plasma tube. In the present study, one focuses on large scale transports in the polar ionosphere. The model was used to(More)
The Maximum Cross Correlation (MCC) method is used with infrared and passive microwave images of sea surface temperature (SST) along with ocean color images to compute sea surface currents from sequential imagery. These surface currents are then merged with geostrophic surface currents computed from coincident satellite altimetry observations to yield a(More)
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