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INTRODUCTION Hypothermia, acidaemia and coagulopathy in trauma is associated with significant mortality. This study aimed to identify the incidence of the lethal triad in major burns, and describe demographics and outcomes. METHODS Patients admitted during a 71 month period with a total body surface area burn (TBSA)≥30% were identified. A structured(More)
BACKGROUND Acute traumatic coagulopathy is well described in the trauma population. Major burns are characterised by a similar endothelial injury and cellular hypoperfusion. These features could be a driver for an acute burn induced coagulopathy (ABIC). METHODS Patients admitted to a regional burn centre over a 71 months period with a total body surface(More)
The research question that underpins this paper is 'What are the novel features of IS design practice 'in the wild'? In order to help answer this question, a theoretical perspective that focuses on practitioners' 'situated practical theory' in the 'co-production' of IS designs is adopted. The context for this study is that firms operating in the IT sector(More)
In recent years, environmental concerns have led to a significant increase in the number and scope of compliance imperatives across all global regulatory environments. The complexity and geographical diversity of these environments has caused considerable problems for organizations, particularly those in high-technology industries. This paper first employs(More)
This paper reports on a five-year experience with an open-ended weekly group in an Adolescent Medical Clinical. An interdisciplinary staff leading this group includes a counselor trained in sex education, a nurse, a pediatrician and a psychiatrist. The object of the group is to offer an opportunity to adolescent boys and girls to focus on diverse problems(More)
Researchers report mixed findings on the successful application of information technologies (IT) for Knowledge Management (KM). Action Research, with its emphasis on praxis and on the importance 'practical theory,' is an ideal vehicle for deepening the IS field's understanding of developing IT-enabled Knowledge Management Systems. It can also help identify(More)
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