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This paper describes the Second PASCAL Recognising Textual Entailment Challenge (RTE-2). 1 We describe the RTE-2 dataset and overview the submissions for the challenge. One of the main goals for this year's dataset was to provide more " realistic " text-hypothesis examples , based mostly on outputs of actual systems. The 23 submissions for the challenge(More)
We introduce Discriminative BLEU (∆BLEU), a novel metric for intrinsic evaluation of generated text in tasks that admit a diverse range of possible outputs. Reference strings are scored for quality by human raters on a scale of [−1, +1] to weight multi-reference BLEU. In tasks involving generation of conversational responses, ∆BLEU correlates reasonably(More)
In this paper, a simplified model of the NREL 5MW wind turbine with a hydrostatic transmission is derived. A suitable control scheme is described, and the steady state operating points of the system are calculated. The system is given in extended linearised form, and this form is used to design a gain scheduled linear quadratic regulator (LQR), with wind(More)
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