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We report the draft genome of the black cottonwood tree, Populus trichocarpa. Integration of shotgun sequence assembly with genetic mapping enabled chromosome-scale reconstruction of the genome. More than 45,000 putative protein-coding genes were identified. Analysis of the assembled genome revealed a whole-genome duplication event; about 8000 pairs of(More)
Sea anemones are seemingly primitive animals that, along with corals, jellyfish, and hydras, constitute the oldest eumetazoan phylum, the Cnidaria. Here, we report a comparative analysis of the draft genome of an emerging cnidarian model, the starlet sea anemone Nematostella vectensis. The sea anemone genome is complex, with a gene repertoire, exon-intron(More)
From a rat testis library three overlapping cDNA clones were isolated that represent a novel single-copy gene, designated Tegt. Two transcripts of 2.8 and 1.0 kb were found in each organ tested. The shorter transcript was highly abundant in adult testis. A similar expression pattern was found in the mouse. Analysis of rat RNA from different stages of(More)
The products of the endogenous reverse transcriptase reaction of SIVagmTYO-7 were characterized after the reaction conditions had been optimized. The major reaction product in the presence of actinomycin D and oligo(dT) was a DNA with a size of 300 bases. Without actinomycin D two additional reaction products with 600 or 700 bases appeared. The 300 base(More)
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