Bill Dennison

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The Choptank and Patuxent tributaries of Chesapeake Bay have become eutrophic over the last 50–100 years. Systematic monitoring of nutrient inputs began in ;1970, and there have been 2–5-fold increases in nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) inputs during 1970–2004 due to sewage discharges, fertilizer applications, atmospheric deposition, and changes in land(More)
We have examined the effect of extradual injection of 0.5% bupivacaine or normal saline on the progression of spinal anaesthesia in 28 patients undergoing Caesearean section. Three groups were studied. Subarachnoid anaesthesia was established in all patients. Group A (n = 10), the control, received no extradural injection for 20 min. Group B (n = 9)(More)
The use of a new narrow bore nasogastric feeding tube with stylet has resulted in two cases of misplacement with traumatic laceration of the visceral pleura. Diagnoses were made by chest x-ray film, one case immediately and the other 24 hours later. In both cases, the narrow bore tube was inserted asymptomatically by a graduate physician. Detailed case(More)
On two separate occasions, a 78-year-old obese man suffering from congestive cardiac failure and peripheral vascular disease, required epidural anaesthesia for surgery to his leg. The dosage requirement on the first occasion was large and much greater than on the second occasion. Reasons for the difference in dosage are discussed. We suggest an epidural(More)
We introduce a 15 cm, 26-gauge spinal needle (Steriseal Ltd, Redditch) through a standard Tuohy needle (9·6 cm, 16-gauge) which has its tip in the epidural space. Once the dura has been punctured the spinal needle is only really held in place by the dura. It is therefore quite difficult to attach the syringe of local anaesthetic and then inject without(More)
Islet autotransplant patients represent excellent subjects to assess the posttransplant impact of islet precursors, as chronic pancreatitis (CP) causes an elevation of ductal cells, pancreatic precursors cells, and hormone-positive acinar cells. The relationship between these cell types and autograft outcomes should be more apparent than would be the case(More)
A review of the radiographic findings in 19 patients who had undergone unilateral or bilateral Caldwell-Luc procedures for chronic maxillary sinusitis revealed improvement in the radiographic appearance of the sinuses in 13 and lack of improvement, progression or recurrence of disease in six. Eight of the patients had changes which could be attributed(More)