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Effect of experimental manipulation on survival and recruitment of feral pigs
Lethal removal is commonly used to reduce the density of invasive-species populations, presuming it reduces population growth rate; the actual effect of lethal removal on the vital rates contributingExpand
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An attempt to recover the Po'ouli by translocation and an appraisal of recovery strategy for bird species of extreme rarity
Abstract The Po'ouli ( Melamprosops phaeosoma ), a Hawaiian honeycreeper endemic to Maui, has a population of only three known individuals; no breeding pair currently exists, and their home rangesExpand
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Territoriality of Feral Pigs in a Highly Persecuted Population on Fort Benning, Georgia
Abstract We examined home range behavior of female feral pigs (Sus scrofa) in a heavily hunted population on Fort Benning Military Reservation in west-central Georgia, USA. We used Global PositioningExpand
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Reproduction in a population of wild pigs (Sus scrofa) subjected to lethal control
The continued range expansion of wild pigs (Sus scrofa) in North America is an increasing cause for concern because of the numerous negative impacts that wild pigs have on ecosystem structure andExpand
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Estimate of herpetofauna depredation by a population of wild pigs
Abstract Herpetofauna populations are decreasing worldwide, and the range of wild pigs (Sus scrofa) is expanding. Depredation of threatened reptile and amphibian populations by wild pigs could beExpand
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Evaluating stress in a Hawaiian honeycreeper, Paroreomyza montana, following translocation
Abstract We used differential counts of white blood cells to determine heterophil:lymphocyte ratios in the Maui Creeper (Paroreomyza montana), an endemic, non-endangered Hawaiian honeycreeper, as aExpand
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Change-in-ratio density estimator for feral pigs is less biased than closed mark–recapture estimates
Closed-population capture-mark-recapture (CMR) methods can produce biased density estimates for species with low or heterogeneous detection probabilities. In an attempt to address such biases, weExpand
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Update on Recovery Efforts for the Po'ouli
The purpose of this article is to provide an update and inform the public about recent and ongoing efforts to recover the Po‘ouli ( Melamprosops phaeosoma ), including: 1) a brief chronology ofExpand
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Effects of Rattus spp. Control Measures and Nesting Substrate on Nest Depredation, East Maui, Hawaii
We monitored natural and artificial nests during a two-part study on East Maui, Hawaii, designed to examine factors in fluencing nest depredation by black and Polynesian rats. The first half of theExpand
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Ground-based rodent control in a remote Hawaiian rainforest on Maui
Effective control of introduced mammalian predators is essential to the recovery of native bird species in Hawai'i. Between August 1996 and December 2004, introduced rodents were controlled withinExpand
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