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Image-based modeling is a longstanding research topic in computer vision. Reconstruction based on a single image is a particularly difficult example. This paper presents a simple reconstruction method that quickly extracts 3D geometric structure from a single indoor photograph consisting mainly of orthogonal planes. Our method takes advantage of perspective(More)
Users who are blind, or whose visual attention is otherwise occupied, can benefit from an auditory representation of their immediate environment. To create it a video camera senses the environment, which is converted into synthetic audio streams that represent objects. What aspects of the audio signal best encode this information? This paper compares four(More)
Müller et al. introduced CGA shape, a shape grammar for procedural modeling of architecture [Müller et al. 2006b], which they applied to Mayan archaeological site in Xkipché [Müller et al. 2006a]. Inspired by this application of shape grammars to archaeology, we built a simple reconstruction application that uses a shape grammar to build(More)
Color appearance of images on self-luminous displays, such as LCD monitors, depends on two sources of illumination: scene illumination within the image itself and ambient illumination in the viewing environment. Color appearance models (CAMs) attempt to predict how perception changes as ambient illumination changes. At their best they provide viewers with(More)
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