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In order to examine the effectiveness and safety of hydraulic resistance strength training in young males, 26 pre-pubertal males (mean age = 8.2 +/- 1.3 yr) completed a 14-wk strength training study. Subjects were evaluated before and after the 14-wk experimental period for pubertal state (Tanner's sexual maturity rating, serum testosterone, and serum(More)
* Supported in part by a grant from Hydra-Fitness Industries, Belton, TX. Twenty-nine prepubertal males ( age = 8.2 +/- 1.3 years) were evaluated for concentric isokinetic strength at the knee, shoulder, and elbow joints, [at the dominant (D) and nondominant (ND) sides]. At each joint, flexion (F) was compared with extension (E) at two speeds of 30 degrees(More)
  • ELECTRON LASER MICROWIGGLER, James C. Blastos, +4 authors Bill Cahill
This thesis is the initial study of the spontaneous emission from MIT's microwiggler conducted at Brookhaven National Laboratory on the Accelerator Test Facility's 50 MeV linear accelerator. The microwiggler consists of 70 8.8 mm period electromagnets in a planar array. This study examines the microwiggler's spontaneous emission spectrum , spectral(More)
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