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  • Margo Schlanger, Kate Andrias, Sam Bagenstos, Tino Cuéllar, Liz Magill, Gillian Metzger +5 others
  • 2014
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Officer for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties for two years beginning 2010 and as an advisor to the Secretary of Homeland Security in 2012 and 2013. While those experiences obviously inform the views expressed here, my views are entirely personal and not in any way attributable to DHS. Thanks to for their generous and(More)
  • Matthew D Adler, Seth Baum, Bill Buzbee, Dan Farber, Robert Hockett, Doug Kysar +4 others
  • 2012
How should we take account of the interests of future genera-tions? This question has great practical relevance. For example, it is front and center in arguments about global warming policy. Unfortunately , the question is doubly difficult-doubly, because it not merely implicates generic disputes about the structure of moral obligations (disputes between(More)
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