Bill Bradley

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Imagine what an extra $100 billion a year could do for philanthropic and other nonprofit institutions. According to a new study, the nonprofit sector could free that amount--maybe even more--by making five changes in the way it operates. The study asked two central questions: Does the sector's money flow from its source to its ultimate use as efficiently(More)
New therapies are urgently required for the treatment of patients with melanoma. Here we describe the generation and preclinical evaluation of 3 new recombinant ALVAC(2) poxviruses vCP2264, vCP2291, and vCP2292 for their ability to induce the desired cellular immune responses against the encoded melanoma-associated antigens. This was done either in HLA-A2/K(More)
We introduce Dimple, a fully open-source API for probabilistic modeling. Dimple allows the user to specify probabilistic models in the form of graphical models, Bayesian networks, or factor graphs, and performs inference (by automatically deriving an inference engine from a variety of algorithms) on the model. Dimple also serves as a compiler for GP5, a(More)
Efficient hardware implementations of statistical inference continue to grow in importance for a wide range of computing applications. While CPU cycles are increasingly being used for statistical inference, transistors are also becoming increasingly statistical. For implementing statistical algorithms, could it be that statistical electronic substrates are(More)
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