Bill Beasley

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The oral administration of fenfluramine hydrochloride, which acts centrally to augment serotonin-mediated synaptic function, did not alter extrapyramidal signs in either untreated or levodopa-treated parkinsolian patients. These results support the contention that biochemical indices of serotonergic dysfunction in Parkinson disease do not reflect a critical(More)
BACKGROUND Scarring represents a significant biomedical burden in clinical medicine. Mechanomodulation has been linked to scarring through inflammation, but until now a systematic approach to attenuate mechanical force and reduce scarring has not been possible. METHODS The authors conducted a 12-month, prospective, open-label, randomized, multicenter(More)
BACKGROUND Mechanically offloading or shielding an incision significantly reduces scarring in both animal and first-in-human studies. Whether or not this strategy would be effective following scar revision surgery was previously unknown. In this article, the authors report that the embrace device, which uses principles of mechanomodulation, significantly(More)
1. The effects of oestrogen and progesterone on synthesis and composition of lipids in the uterine epithelium were studied. 2. Oestrogen treatment for up to 18 hr resulted in an increased incorporation of [14C]acetate into all classes of lipids, but particularly into cholesterol. 3. Progesterone treatment increased incorporation into all classes of lipids(More)
An association between rheumatic fever/rheumatic heart disease and mitral prolapse has been suggested. Since mitral stenosis in adults is a reliable indicator of rheumatic heart disease, we undertook this study to define the association between rheumatic heart disease and prolapse by estimating the frequency with which mitral stenosis and mitral prolapse(More)
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