Bill B Chen

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Pneumonia remains the leading cause of death from infection in the US, yet fundamentally new conceptual models underlying its pathogenesis have not emerged. We show that humans and mice with bacterial pneumonia have markedly elevated amounts of cardiolipin, a rare, mitochondrial-specific phospholipid, in lung fluid and find that it potently disrupts(More)
Acute lung injury (ALI) is linked to mitochondrial injury, resulting in impaired cellular oxygen utilization; however, it is unknown how these events are linked on the molecular level. Cardiolipin, a mitochondrial-specific lipid, is generated by cardiolipin synthase (CLS1). Here, we show that S. aureus activates a ubiquitin E3 ligase component, Fbxo15, that(More)
Neutrophil elastase (NE) and cathepsin G (CG) contribute to intracellular microbial killing but, if left unchecked and released extracellularly, promote tissue damage. Conversely, mechanisms that constrain neutrophil serine protease activity protect against tissue damage but may have the untoward effect of disabling the microbial killing arsenal. The host(More)
Aurora B kinase is an integral regulator of cytokinesis as it stabilizes the intercellular canal within the midbody to ensure proper chromosomal segregation during cell division. Here we identified an E3 ligase subunit, F box protein FBXL2, that by recognizing a calmodulin binding signature within Aurora B, ubiquitinates and removes the kinase from the(More)
Dysregulated behavior of cell cycle proteins and their control by ubiquitin E3 ligases is an emerging theme in human lung cancer. Here, we identified and characterized the activity of a novel F-box protein, termed FBXL2, belonging to the SCF (Skip-Cullin1-F-box protein) E3 ligase family. Ectopically expressed FBXL2 triggered G2/M-phase arrest, induced(More)
Aurora family kinases play pivotal roles in several steps during mitosis. Specifically, Aurora A kinase is an important regulator of bipolar mitotic spindle formation and chromosome segregation. Like other members of the Aurora family, Aurora A kinase is also regulated by post-translational modifications. Here, we show that a previously undescribed E3(More)
The ST2L receptor for interleukin 33 (IL-33) mediates pulmonary inflammation and immune system-related disorders, such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. At present, very little is known about the molecular regulation of ST2L expression. Here we found that FBXL19, an 'orphan' member of the Skp1-Cullin-F-box family of E3 ubiquitin ligases, selectively bound(More)
Cardiolipin (also known as PDL6) is an indispensable lipid required for mitochondrial respiration that is generated through de novo synthesis and remodeling. Here, the cardiolipin remodeling enzyme, acyl-CoA:lysocardiolipin-acyltransferase-1 (Alcat1; SwissProt ID, Q6UWP7) is destabilized in epithelia by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) impairing mitochondrial(More)
Uncontrolled activation of tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor (TRAF) proteins may result in profound tissue injury by linking surface signals to cytokine release. Here we show that a ubiquitin E3 ligase component, Fbxo3, potently stimulates cytokine secretion from human inflammatory cells by destabilizing a sentinel TRAF inhibitor, Fbxl2.(More)