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One hundred one patients with breast cancer, 48 localized and 53 metastatic, were questioned about their perceptions of follow-up examinations. Patients with metastatic disease preferred more frequent follow-up. Most indicated that they wanted their physicians to ask them about pain and nutritional status at each follow-up visit and were aware of the tests(More)
This pilot program was designed to help medical students improve their ability to respond to the psychological needs of cancer patients and their families. Third-year students on the hematology/oncology rotation were offered a series of seminars dealing with the psychological and social impact of cancer on patients and their families. The goal of these(More)
Protecting astronauts from space radiation exposure is an important challenge for mission design and operations for future exploration-class and long-duration missions. Crew members are exposed to sporadic solar particle events (SPEs) as well as to the continuous galactic cosmic radiation (GCR). If sufficient protection is not provided the radiation risk to(More)
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