Biljana Radulovic

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One of the most important phases of information system development include data modelling processes, where conceptual data modelling presents an essencial part. There are many approaches and methods formally based or those that give heuristics as guidelines. This paper aims to present integration of models for conceptual data modelling. Special emphasize is(More)
Conceptual data modelling is one of the critical phases in Information System (IS) development. In this paper we show the method, software tool and results on automating evaluation of Conceptual Data Model (CDM) from a semantic perspective. The approach is based on mapping ontology with CDM. An ontology that represents domain knowledge and data model are(More)
One of the most important phases in information system development is data modeling. In higher education and in professional environment, the basic data models are ER model, relational model and object oriented model, i.e. class diagram. Since conceptual modeling is crucial data modeling activity, special concern on methods for conceptual modeling is given(More)
Balanced scorecard is one of most used methodologies for performance measurement in enterprises and non-profit organizations. It presents a general framework that has been applied more precisely by many scientists and practitioners. It has been adapted to particular performance measurement systems. These monitoring systems are based on collecting data and(More)
This paper presents the research which was conducted at the Polytechnical Engineering College in Subotica. The aim of this research was to collect information from students of their level of usage of elearning and internet services, to train students to use the existing system and to improve and develop the new modular system for the needs of distance(More)
Data modeling is one of the most important activities in the process of information systems development which is based on domain knowledge in specific area. This paper presents a system for analyzing data model correctness from both syntax and semantic aspect. The system is based on using ontology for domain knowledge representation, transformation of data(More)