Biljana P. Stosic

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This article describes the properties of a double-symmetric electromagnetic four-port and its decomposition into four one-ports which are subsequently synthesized as lumped element circuits. This allows for a compact lumped element representation of the four-port and, hence, for an efficient analysis using circuit simulators. Methods of system(More)
In this paper, a combined wave digital/full wave electromagnetic (EM) approach is used to synthesize wave digital networks of microstrip structures with step and capacitive gap discontinuities. The wave digital approach is applied to model uniform transmission lines in these structures, while the full-wave EM tool provides a generalized S-parameter(More)
This article describes the synthesis of compact lumped element equivalent circuits for linear reciprocal multiports using a multiport generalized Foster representation. The multiport microwave device under investigation is a four-port coupled line coupler. The S-parameters are obtained from measurement. By means of system identification the poles and(More)
An innovative design of CIC (Cascaded-Integrator-Comb) FIR (finite impulse response) filter functions based on spreading the delays in the CIC filter comb stages is described. The method is given in a closed-form which provides the impulse response coefficients analytically. The benefit of the new filter class is shown through a few example filter functions(More)
In this paper, a circuit synthesis approach based on an extended Foster canonical expansion for representation of distributed passive lossy electromagnetic structures is described. Compact lumped element model is extracted from data provided by numerical TLM method in the time-domain and then embedded into a conventional circuit simulator. The equivalent(More)
This paper outlines the concept of combined wave digital/full-wave electromagnetic (EM) approach and its use to synthesize wave digital network of microstrip structure with parallel-coupled line sections. The synthesis procedure is based on equivalent circuit representation by using admittance (J-) inverters and half-wavelength resonators. J-inverter is(More)
In this paper, two compact lumped element models synthesis methods for distributed passive electromagnetic structures are presented. The first method is based on the canonical Foster representation while the second method uses the Brune’s synthesis procedure which is a more general approach capable to account for lossy structures. Both methods, used in(More)
Wave digital network of parallel-coupled microstrip resonator filters is considered in the paper. It is based on equivalent circuit representation by using admittance (J-) inverters and half-wavelength (λ/2) resonators. Wave digital model of admittance inverter (J,-90°), developed here by the use of two-port parallel adaptor network, is(More)
In this paper, a new design of the CIC (Cascaded-Integrator-Comb) FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter functions is presented by spreading the delays in the comb stages. In order to validate theoretical design, a few test examples are designed for different filter parameters. The superiority of the new CIC filter functions is established by comparing these(More)