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—A negative-impedance converter (NIC) is a useful component in the circuit synthesis theory especially for active RC filter design. In this brief, usefulness of the NIC is shown in a floating inductance realization topology that is an alternative application area for the component. A new floating parallel RL realization topology employing two NICs and three(More)
Two new current mode multifunction filter configurations are proposed with a single fully differential current conveyor (FDCCII). The first proposed current mode filter with single input and three outputs, which can simultaneously realize current-mode low-pass (LP), band-pass (BP), high-pass (HP), filter responses. The second proposed current mode filter(More)
In this study, six grounded inductance simulator circuits are presented including additional useful features in comparison to previous dual-X current conveyor (DXCCII) based implementations. To demonstrate the performance and usefulness of the presented circuits, one of them is used to construct a fifth order Butterworth high-pass filter and a current-mode(More)
In this study, two novel first-order all-pass filters are proposed using only one grounded resistor and one grounded capacitor along with a fully differential current conveyor (FDCCII). There is no element-matching restriction. The presented all-pass filter circuits can be made electronically tunable due to the electronic resistors. Furthermore , the(More)