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In this study, two novel first-order all-pass filters are proposed using only one grounded resistor and one grounded capacitor along with a fully differential current conveyor (FDCCII). There is no element-matching restriction. The presented all-pass filter circuits can be made electronically tunable due to the electronic resistors. Furthermore , the(More)
—A negative-impedance converter (NIC) is a useful component in the circuit synthesis theory especially for active RC filter design. In this brief, usefulness of the NIC is shown in a floating inductance realization topology that is an alternative application area for the component. A new floating parallel RL realization topology employing two NICs and three(More)
In this paper, a new CMOS minus-type current-controlled third-generation voltage conveyor (CC-VCIII-) is presented. As application example using the presented new active building block a novel voltage-mode first-order all-pass filter is proposed, where instead of floating resistor the electronically controllable intrinsic resistance of the Y terminal is(More)
In this study, a helpful approach that provides effective implementation of control objectives for IT (COBIT) compliance processes for organizations is presented. This is based on grouping control objectives according to their relations with each other. For this purpose, an in-depth interview technique was employed as the research method in the study.
In this study, six grounded inductance simulator circuits are presented including additional useful features in comparison to previous dual-X current conveyor (DXCCII) based implementations. To demonstrate the performance and usefulness of the presented circuits, one of them is used to construct a fifth order Butterworth high-pass filter and a current-mode(More)
Two new current mode multifunction filter configurations are proposed with a single fully differential current conveyor (FDCCII). The first proposed current mode filter with single input and three outputs, which can simultaneously realize current-mode low-pass (LP), band-pass (BP), high-pass (HP), filter responses. The second proposed current mode filter(More)
In this paper, a new first-order all-pass filter based on single differential-input buffered and transconductance amplifier (DBTA) as an active element, single capacitor, and single resistor is presented. The proposed circuit works in both voltage-and transadmittance-mode simultaneously and is fully cascadable due to high-impendance voltage input and(More)
In this study, a simple voltage-mode first-order all-pass (AP) filter implementation is presented which employs only MOS transistors instead of active elements like CCH, CDBA, FTFN, etc. that include large number of transistors. Transconductance (g<inf>m</inf>) and gate-to-source parasitic capacitance (C<inf>gs</inf>) of the transistors are employed to form(More)
An effective internal control design method for information systems (IS) called Control Self Assessment (CSA) is discussed in this study. In this document, CSA definition, CSA forms, advantages and disadvantages, CSA types and CSA implementation process are explained. This study emphasizes benefits of the method in IS.