Bilgin Kosucu

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Wireless sensor networks promise great success in many areas from environmental monitoring to medical and military applications. Forest fire detection is one of these areas where many of the ongoing WSN research is focused today. Unfortunately, most of these studies choose simulating their proposed solutions instead of doing experiments in real testbed(More)
The paper presents a novel automatic early warning system to remotely monitor areas of archaeological and cultural interest from the risk of fire. Since these areas have been treasured and tended for very long periods of time, they are usually surrounded by old and valuable vegetation or situated close to forest regions, which exposes them to an increased(More)
Dementia is a growing healthcare problem, and it has become necessary to find a way to reduce the prevalence of this disease. Mild cognitive impairment is a risk factor for dementia, and being able to detect the onset of mild cognitive impairment gives healthcare professionals the chance to reduce the effect of dementia on the society. In this paper, we(More)
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