Bilal Zaidan

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Steganography is the idea of hiding private or sensitive data or information within something that appears to be nothing out of the ordinary.In this paper we will overview the use of data hiding techniques in digital video as still images. We will describe how we can use the Least Significant Bit insertion (LSB) method on video images or frames, in addition(More)
The rapid development of multimedia and internet allows for wide distribution of digital media data. It becomes much easier to edit, modify and duplicate digital information. In additional, digital document is also easy to copy and distribute, therefore it may face many threats. It became necessary to find an appropriate protection due to the significance,(More)
Problem statement: The executable files are one of the most important files in operating systems and in most systems designed by developers (programmers/software engineers), and then hiding information in these file is the basic goal for this study, because most users of any system cannot alter or modify the content of these files. There are many challenges(More)
Steganography is the art of hidden important information inside other innocuous media in an imperceptible way. In this paper we will overview the use of data hidden techniques in digital images. In particular we will describe on how can use the human vision system and pure Steganography to increase the size of the data that want to embed in the image. This(More)
The evaluation and selection of inappropriate open source software in learning management system (OSS-LMS) packages adversely affect the business processes and functions of an organization. Thus, comprehensive insights into the evaluation and selection of OSS-LMS packages are presented in this paper on the basis of three directions. First, available(More)
protecting data is a very old art and wide use since the Egyptian when they identify the 1 encryption method in this world, the spiciest people categorize protecting data under computer forensic and others locate it under network security, cryptography methods are the backbone of this art, nowadays many of new techniques for the attacker's beings develops,(More)
WIMAX relay station mesh network has been approved by IEEE 802.16j as a standard to provide a highly data rate transmission , the RS was implemented to extend the coverage zone of the BS, for instance the MSs previously were out of the coverage of the BS they become in the coverage of the RS, therefore these MSs can have Admission control from the BS(More)
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