Bilal Yahiaoui

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The recent discovery of a vestigial, nonphotosynthetic plastid ("apicoplast") in the Apicomplexa has considerably modified our perception of the evolutionary origin of these parasites. Phylogenetic analysis and the presence of four surrounding membranes of the apicoplast provide important support for the hypothesis that apicomplexans have acquired their(More)
To survive within infected hosts, Toxoplasma gondii undergoes profound metabolic and morphological changes by differentiating into a cyst characterized by its resistance to the immune system and chemotherapy. The stimulus that triggers Toxoplasma encystation and the molecular mechanisms regulating the bradyzoite phenotype are still unknown. Here, we(More)
The rhizobacteria that promote the growth of plants can have a positive effect on the productivity of crops, especially in stress conditions. Among the plant -growth -promoting (PGP) rhizobacteria (PGPR) cluster, Bacillus spp. are among the genera with most potential due to their spore forming ability, thereby increasing the adaptation of Bacillus strains(More)
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