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This paper presents a method for generating three-dimensional paths for a vehicle with a bounded maximum curvature in both yaw and pitch rotations. We build upon the two-dimensional time-optimal path generation for constant speed vehicles with bounded steering that produces the socalled Dubins curves. We formulate a similar problem in three-dimensional(More)
In this paper, we present a mechanical design of a conceptual hybrid autonomous underwater vehicle (H-AUV) which combines the features of both a propelled underwater vehicle and those of an underwater glider. We develop its dynamic model and perform several simulations to showcase its locomotive capabilities. The main contribution of the paper is in the(More)
Thesis: A multi-grid comparative analysis of pressure-velocity coupling algorithms for fluid flow at all speeds. 2007-Current Private Consulting Consulted for National Instruments (NI) for the design of a mobile robot. Consulted for YLE engineering for the design and implementation of tensile and compression testing machines. Consulted for the Qatar(More)
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