Bilal Shahine

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In this article we present the results of particle in cell (PIC) simulations of laser plasma interaction for proton acceleration for radiation therapy treatments. We show that under optimal interaction conditions protons can be accelerated up to relativistic energies of 300 MeV by a petawatt laser field. The proton acceleration is due to the dragging(More)
A particle track-repeating algorithm has been developed for proton beam dose calculation for radiotherapy. Monoenergetic protons with 250 MeV kinetic energy were simulated in an infinite water phantom using the GEANT3 Monte Carlo code. The changes in location, angle and energy for every transport step and the energy deposition along the track were recorded(More)
BACKGROUND To be less resource intensive, we developed a template-based breast IMRT technique (TB-IMRT). This study aims to compare resources and dose distribution between TB-IMRT and conventional breast radiation (CBR). METHODS Twenty patients with early stage breast cancer were planned using CBR and TB-IMRT. Time to plan, coverage of volumes, dose to(More)
The most promising method of accurately verifying VMAT treatments is by direct dose measurement over the three dimensions of irradiated volume. ArcCHECK device (Sun Nuclear, Melbourne, FL) have the potential to detect delivery errors on the treatment machine due to mechanical problems resulting from gantry and MLC motion. The estimation of the dosimetric(More)
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