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A new numerical method is developed to solve the three-dimensional boundary-layer equations, in integral form, on non-orthogonal grids. The nite-volume scheme employed eliminates the need to compute metric-gradient terms found in curvilinear-coordinate nite-diierence methods. The integral method is based on two equations for momentum and one for kinetic(More)
Thyroid hormones are essential for normal brain development in vertebrates. In humans, abnormal maternal thyroid hormone levels during early pregnancy are associated with decreased offspring IQ and modified brain structure. As numerous environmental chemicals disrupt thyroid hormone signalling, we questioned whether exposure to ubiquitous chemicals affects(More)
Xenopus is an excellent model for studying thyroid hormone signalling as it undergoes thyroid hormone-dependent metamorphosis. Despite the fact that receptors and deiodinases have been described in Xenopus, membrane transporters for these hormones are yet to be characterised. We cloned Xenopus monocarboxylate transporter 8 (mct8) and organic anion(More)
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