Bilal M. Eid

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Increased penetration of distributed energy resources into conventional power systems increases control challenges. These can be suitably met by microgrids. This paper examines the architecture of microgrids and reviews their classifications and the literatures discussing their control objectives during islanded mode. It finds the use of microgrids(More)
This paper presents a new schematic for three phase seven-level inverters. The proposed topology minimizes switching, reduces short circuiting, is easy to control, and can mask through upper-level switches the work of lower levels. System improvements include low ripple-current, high power conversion and minimized switching, which are verified in(More)
With the increasing concern in Photovoltaic (PV) as distributed resource (DR) nowadays, the power quality issues associated with PV usage became more and more challenging. Reactive power compensation and voltage regulation are the most important power quality issues, which have to be considered when connecting PV panels to a utility grid. This paper(More)
A large scale Photovoltaic (PV) distributed energy resource (DER) connected to grid is studied in this paper. A single-stage power converter is considered in this study, which is capable of tracking maximum power point and controlling reactive power. The internal controller of the inverter has dynamic quadrature component to adjust the reactive power(More)
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