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In this paper, a new concept of normally-off HEMT is proposed: it uses for the first time the implantation of Fluorine ions in the GaN layer below the AlGaN/GaN interface rather than in the AlGaN layer. Simulation results show that the proposed method is more effective when it comes to the Fluorine concentration required to achieve normally-off operation.
A new normally-off Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor High-Electron-Mobility-Transistor (MIS-HEMT) is proposed. The design is based on the implantation of fluorine ions in the GaN layer below the gate electrode under the AlGaN/GaN interface. Sensitivity analyses are carried out, showing the effects of the fluorine concentration and the thickness of the insulator(More)
Development of a new design for enhancement-mode AlGaN/GaN HEMT is presented. The normally-off operation was achieved by burying a p-GaN region below the AlGaN/GaN interface only below the gate. Simulation results show that the proposed technique is capable of shifting the threshold voltage to positive values, making the HEMT normally-off. To address the(More)
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