Bilal Aziz

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C-reactive protein (CRP) levels and the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) are widely used tests of inflammation that sometimes show opposite results. We performed a retrospective cohort study to clarify the frequency and causes of CRP/ESR discordance in adults. Between January and December of 2011, the laboratories of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital(More)
Network simulators have gained an increased importance in the research community to an extent that approximately 11% of the research papers that appeared in the proceedings of leading international conferences used network simulators to test their claims. It is anticipated that due to the several advantages network simulators will become more prevalent in(More)
An ultra-wideband over fiber architecture is proposed where multiple coherent pulsed optical signals are used for transmitting high data rate signals to five different radio access units (RAUs). The RAUs are placed in a star topology to form a broadcast distributive antenna system architecture. The architecture transmits $$5 \times 1.25$$ 5 × 1.25  Gbps(More)
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