Bilal Al Sabbagh

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A new framework performs security threat modeling for a global software supply chain. The threat modeling is based on a case study from the Swedish Armed Forces. After a review of current practices and theories for threat modeling of a software supply chain, the authors suggest a socio-technical framework for studying the software supply chain security(More)
In this short paper we propose a socio-technical framework for developing cyber security warning systems. We start by reviewing latest research and theories on socio-technical nature of information systems security. We then show the need to consider the social dimension of information systems security as recommended by number of global security consortiums.(More)
In this short paper, we propose a security culture and awareness training platform that suite different learning styles and preferences. The objective is to operationalize the platform for improving individuals security awareness and learn more about their security mental models as well as how their cultural background influence their perception of(More)
In this short paper we present and discuss the findings of a case study aimed at developing social security metrics for modeling the security culture of certain individuals. Using these metrics we have modeled the security culture of IT workers individuals from Saudi Arabia. We suggest these metrics can be used for modeling and comparing different security(More)
In this short paper we present a socio-technical framework for integrating a security risk escalation maturity model into a security information and event management system. The objective of the framework is to develop the foundations for the next generation socio-technical security information and event management systems (ST-SIEMs) enabling(More)
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