Bilal Ahmad Tantry

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The variation of antioxidant activity and total phenolic content of some plants commonly used as home remedies were screened on the basis of air drying time of (short term and long term air) the dried plant Ocimum sanctum (leaf), Cucumis sativus (Seed), and ethanolic extracts of Capsicum frutescens (Seed) and Coriandrum sativum (Seed). Antioxidant(More)
PURPOSE At present, commercially available antiurolithic drugs have more adverse effects than potential therapeutic or preventive effects with chronic use. With this in mind, the present study was designed to assess the antiurolithic effect of olive oil in a mouse model of ethylene glycol (EG)-induced urolithiasis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Adult albino mice(More)
Plants are potent biochemists; biologically active compounds present in the medicinal plants have always been of great interest to scientists working in this field. Thus, the aim of the current study was to screen the antimicrobial activity of Acacia nilotica, Ziziphus mauritiana, Bauhinia variegate and Lantana camara against some selected clinical isolated(More)
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