Bikramaditya Jaiswal

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The routing problem in area array integrated circuit (IC) packaging has become an extremely complex problem in the realm of high I/O count IC packages. With the advent of flip-chip and ball grid array (BGA) technology to meet the current demands of smaller size and high wiring densities, the routing problem lies in the core of electronic design automation(More)
Clinical lycanthropy is a rare form of reverse intermetamorphosis; intermatamorphosis being one of the delusional misidentification syndromes, in which patients believe that they are undergoing transformation or have transformed into a non-human animal. Psychiatric diseases commonly associated with it are schizophrenia, affective disorders, substance use,(More)
With the increasing complexity in the die and package designs and ever increasing cost pressure in today's microelectronic industry, the design for input/output (I/O) routing has assumed a vital role in the overall product design. This scenario is primarily driven by the increase in the I/O terminal counts in both die and package. Several authors have(More)
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