Bikram Pal Singh

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We are living in the 21st century society which is truly known as digital and cyber society. People are found using the electronic media for communication and information. Sometimes, it appears as if we are quite handicapped in the absence of technology. Educational technology has been in active use for a long time especially in most modern organizations at(More)
In this present scenario of globalization, as we pass through 21 century, one thing that we miss very badly is the depletion of greenery. As every body in this society is becoming more and more concerned and worried about the natural environment, business organizations and corporations have started modifying their working in an attempt to increase greenery(More)
Abstract-Human Resources play a very important role in Insurance industry such as in banking and other Services organizations. Employee is an invaluable asset for the success and growth of an organization. Employees or Human Resources of any institution/organization/company are fundamental assets who transform from material assets to productive resources in(More)
Actually social networking sites is a platform to make a group of such people who are having same type of interests, jobs, activities, backgrounds or some other type of real life similarities in them. Every day new trends in the technology especially in information technology are introduced by the engineers. A social networking site is also a blessing of(More)
As human life increasingly relates to and relies upon interactions with computer systems, researchers, designers, managers and users continuously develop desires to understand the current situations and future development of human computer interactions. The development of the human/computer interface has many facets and it can be described as the point of(More)
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