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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Many therapeutic techniques have been used for the treatment of symptomatic vertebral hemangiomas (SVH), and each has its own limitations. Our objective was to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of alcohol ablation for treating these lesions. METHODS Fourteen patients with SVH were treated by injection of absolute alcohol into the(More)
Background. Long-term graft patency is the major factor impacting survival after coronary artery bypass grafting. Arteries are superior in this regard. Radial artery is considered the second best conduit after internal mammary artery. Several studies have shown excellent radial artery patency. We evaluated the morphologic characteristics of radial artery by(More)
the ssDNA-binding mouth of DnaG distal from DnaB, orienting the active site of primase inward, toward the center of the ring, where it is positioned to accept ssDNA as it is extruded from DnaB (Fig. 4, right). Alternatively , it is possible that mechanistic differences between 6:6 and 6 :1 helicase-primase systems lead to different relative orientations of(More)
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