Bikram Basak

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Research work was carried out to describe the kinetics of cell growth, substrate consumption and product formation in batch fermentation of rapamycin using shake flask as well as laboratory-scale fermentor. Fructose was used as the sole carbon source in the fermentation media. Optimization of fermentation parameters and reliable mathematical models were(More)
A highly tolerant phenol-degrading yeast strain PHB5 was isolated from wastewater effluent of a coke oven plant and identified as Candida tropicalis based on phylogenetic analysis. Biodegradation experiments with C. tropicalis PHB5 showed that the strain was able to utilize 99.4% of 2,400 mg l(-1) phenol as sole source of carbon and energy within 48 h.(More)
An extensive investigation was carried out to describe the kinetics of cell growth, substrate consumption, and product formation in the batch fermentation using starch as substrate. Evaluation of intrinsic kinetic parameters was carried out using a best-fit unstructured model. A nonlinear regression technique was applied for computational purpose. The(More)
A novel white rot fungus Alternaria alternata CMERI F6 decolorized 99.99% of 600 mg/L congo red within 48 h in yeast extract-glucose medium at 25 °C, pH 5 and 150 rpm. Physicochemical parameters like carbon and nitrogen sources, temperature, pH and aeration were optimized to develop faster decolorization process. Dye decolorization rate was maximal (20.21(More)
A novel extracellular serine protease (70 kDa by SDS-PAGE) was purified and characterized. This enzyme retained more than 93% of its initial activity after preincubation for 30 min at 37 °C in the presence of 25% (v/v) tested organic solvents and showed feather degradation activity. The purified enzyme was deactivated at various combinations of pH and(More)
The present research was conducted to define the approaches for enhanced production of rapamycin (Rap) by Streptomyces hygroscopicus microbial type culture collection (MTCC) 4003. Both physical mutagenesis by ultraviolet ray (UV) and chemical mutagenesis by N-methyl-N-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine (NTG) have been applied successfully for the improvement of Rap(More)
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