Bikram Baidya

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Among double patterning techniques, Self-aligned double patterning (SADP) has the advantage of good mask overlay control, which has made SADP a popular double patterning method for sub-32nm technology nodes. However, SADP process places several limitations on design flexibility. This work exploits an alternative post routing approach that has the(More)
As design of integrated microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) mature, there is an increasing need for verification tools for such mixed-domain layouts. This requires a mixed-domain layout-versus-schematic tool capable of extracting an integrated schematic from the mixed-domain layout and verifying it against the design schematic. This paper reports on a(More)
Chip-based microfluidic separation systems often use ser-pentine channels to achieve long separation lengths in minimal area. Such designs suffer from the 'racetrack' effect due to the bends in the microchannel. In addition, the skew produced by a bend cannot be undone by an equal and opposite bend due to non-axial diffusion occurring in the inter-turn(More)
CMOS micromachining processes are being increasingly used to fabricate integrated MEMS devices. Verification of such designs requires extraction from layout to mixed domain circuits and MEMS schematics for lumped parameter simulation. The higher etch hole density and multilayer interconnect in CMOS-MEMS designs results in a larger and more complex problem(More)
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