Bikash R. Sahoo

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Enzyme adenosine kinase is responsible for phosphorylation of adenosine to AMP and is crucial for parasites which are purine auxotrophs. The present study describes development of robust homology model of Leishmania donovani adenosine kinase to forecast interaction phenomenon with inhibitory molecules using structure-based drug designing strategy. Docking(More)
UNLABELLED A Leishmania Microsatellite Database (LeishMicrosatDB) is reported for genome wise mining of microsatellites in six Leishmania species, using in silico techniques. This was created to provide parasitologists a platform to understand the genome characterization, mapping, phylogeny and evolutionary analysis. The present version of the database(More)
In lower eukaryotes-like fish, innate immunity contributed by various pattern recognition receptor (PRR) plays an essential role in protection against diseases. Nucleotide-binding and oligomerization domain (NOD)-2 is a cytoplasmic PRR that recognizes MDP (muramyl dipeptide) of the Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria as ligand and activates signalling(More)
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