Bik-Ling Man

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The authors present their experience with the healing influence of permanent magnets on postoperative wounds. The responses of 20 patients who underwent suction lipectomy and postoperative negative magnetic field therapy were studied in a double-blind fashion. Magnets in the form of patches (10 patients) or sham magnet patches (10 patients) were placed over(More)
Stereoacuity was measured in 30 subjects with a naturally occurring visual acuity (VA) difference between the eyes. The stereoacuity was measured by a modified Howard's apparatus using the staircase method and VA was measured with log MAR charts. Stereoacuity was worse in subjects with a large VA difference between the two eyes; the correlation between(More)
A patient with intestinal amyloidosis with perforation was successfully treated by resection of almost the whole involved small intestine and is recuperating on hyperalimentation therapy. Because there were no signs of amyloiditic deposition in other parts of the body and no other cause of the amyloidosis, the case was considered to be selective localized(More)
While increased plasma brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) levels have been documented late after the Fontan procedure, its significance remains unclear. We sought to test the hypothesis that plasma BNP levels reflect systemic ventricular function after the Fontan procedure by interrogating the relationship between plasma BNP level and indices of ventricular(More)
A comparative study was made between 60 patients in whom drainage of subhepatic space was performed after uncomplicated cholecystectomy and 60 patients in whom no drainage was performed. In addition, 30 patients were treated without drainage, nasogastric suction, or intravenous fluids. After operation the patients were evaluated as to postoperative pyrexia,(More)