Bijoylaxmi Banerjee

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Protein kinase C (PKC) is an important constituent of the signaling pathways involved in apoptosis. We report here that like staurosporine, withaferin A is a potent inhibitor of PKC. In Leishmania donovani, the inhibition of PKC by withaferin A causes depolarization of ΔΨm and generates ROS inside cells. Loss of ΔΨm leads to the release of cytochrome c into(More)
Tyrosyl DNA phosphodiesterase 1 (Tdp1) is a member of phospholipase D superfamily, which cleaves a broad range of 3'-DNA adducts, the best characterized of which is the phosphodiester bond formed between DNA and topoisomerase IB. This study describes cloning and functional characterization of the enzyme, termed as LdTdp1 in the kinetoplastid parasite(More)
DNA topoisomerases of kinetoplastids represent a family of DNA processing enzymes that essentially solve the topological problems not only in nuclear DNA but also in kinetoplast DNA. We have, for the first time, identified a Leishmania donovani homologue of bacterial and eukaryotic IA type of topoisomerase III protein and termed as LdTopIIIβ.(More)
We have shown that treatment with luteolin in leishmanial cells causes loss of mt-DNA and induces apoptosis through mitochondria dependent pathway [Sen, N., Das, B.B., Ganguly, A., Banerjee, B., Sen, T., Majumder, H.K., 2006. Leishmania donovani: intracellular ATP level regulates apoptosis-like death in luteolin induced dyskinetoplastid cells. Experimental(More)
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