Bijoy K. Nair

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The methionine load test is widely used to identify subjects with mild homocysteinemia. We studied factors influencing the rise in plasma homocysteine (tHcy) levels following oral methionine loading, after taking into account determinants of the basal level. The study population comprised 522 persons (mean age 53, range 17 to 95; 63% male; 60% with coronary(More)
To examine the patterns of use of patient restraints in Australian hospitals and the level of adherence to accepted guidelines, we undertook a point-prevalence study in four teaching hospitals in three different States. This involved ward inspections and review of case notes. Overall, 51 (12.5%) of the 408 people audited were being restrained with a variety(More)
Medium from mouse mammary tumor cell cultures con tained a growth-stimulating factor. The assay for growthstimulating factor was performed on density-inhibited cul tures of mouse embryo cells. Addition of nondialyzed or dialyzed mouse mammary tumor cell culture medium caused an increase in DNA synthesis and mitosis in densityinhibited cells. Dialyzed medium(More)
This study aimed to review the medications used by a group of Australian war veterans and widows, to identify type and number of medications used and potential inappropriate prescribing. Label details of 4304 medications used by 887 participants were recorded and classified according to the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical code. The median number of regular(More)
BACKGROUND A descriptive study of self-reported healthy elderly in Newcastle was undertaken for an adequate understanding of the normal characteristics of the elderly. AIMS We sought to determine the frequency of abnormal clinical, laboratory and echocardiographic findings in a self-reported healthy elderly population. METHODS Volunteers aged greater(More)