Bijoy Chand Chatterjee

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Flexgrid technology is now considered to be a promising solution for future high-speed network design. In this context, we need a tutorial that covers the key aspects of elastic optical networks. This tutorial paper starts with a brief introduction of the elastic optical network and its unique characteristics. The paper then moves to the architecture of the(More)
Hitless defragmentation has been introduced as an approach to limit the spectrum fragmentation in elastic optical networks without traffic disruption. It facilitates the accommodation of new requests by creating large spectrum blocks as it moves active lightpaths (retuning) to fill in gaps left in the spectrum by expired ones. Nevertheless, hitless(More)
In elastic optical networks, bandwidth fragmentation refers to the existence of non-aligned and noncontiguous available subcarrier slots in the set of all subcarrier slots. Since spectrum for a connection must be allocated on contiguous subcarrier slots and aligned along the routing path in the absence of wavelength converter, non-aligned and non-contiguous(More)
This paper analyses the performances of major conventional spectrum allocation policies in elastic optical networks, in terms of time complexity, blocking probability and contiguous aligned available slot ratio. Simulation results show that the first-last fit allocation policy outperforms in terms of blocking probability and contiguous aligned available(More)
The activation time of optical lightpaths is adversely affected by the time that is required by automatic power control strategies to account for the newly added signal power. This limitation is particularly true when using multi-core erbium doped amplifiers. In order to overcome this shortcoming and shorten the lightpath activation time required, this(More)
This paper proposes a lightpath threshold adaptation algorithm for dispersion-adaptive first-last fit spectrum allocation scheme in elastic optical networks in order to improve the performance in terms of call blocking in the network. The proposed algorithm adapts the suitable lightpath threshold value, denoted by β, according to the traffic(More)
In elastic optical networks EONs, a major obstacle to using the spectrum resources efficiently is the spectrum fragmentation. In the literature, several defragmentation approaches have been presented. For 1+1 path protection, conventional defragmentation approaches consider designated primary and backup paths. This exposes the spectrum to(More)