Bijendra S. Agrawal

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Abstract This paper presents an alternative to estimate armature circuit parameters of large utility generators using real time operating data. The alternatives consider the use of orthogonal series expansions in general and Hartley series in particular. The main idea considers the use of orthogonal series expansions for fitting operating data (voltage and(More)
Clustering is a technique used in data mining that groups similar objects into one cluster, while dissimilar objects are grouped into different clusters. The clustering techniques can be categorized into partitioning methods, hierarchical methods, density-based methods and grid-based methods. The different partitioning methods studied here are k-means and(More)
Augmented Reality & Mobile Augmented Reality has very widely used in nowadays Smartphone's and there is not any Software Architecture available. So when one application will develop for Mobile Augmented Reality will targeted only on one mobile handsets or device. When the device will change for some reason the application will require to Re-Architect(More)
Middle Level Technology has played a vital role in the web based service oriented Mobile augmented Reality System. Responsibility of the mid level component is dual, like to work as linked services to transfer data to another web services to server side or client side SOA based located anywhere in the world and augmented data sent back to client device. So(More)
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