Bijaya Kumar Nanda

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In this paper a hybrid adaptive particle swarm optimization aided learnable Bayesian classifier is proposed. The objective of the clas-sifier is to solve some of the fundamental problems associated with the pure naive Bayesian classifier and its variants with a larger view towards maximization of the classifier accuracy. Further, the proposed algorithm can(More)
A rice contaminating fungus 'Curvularia lunata' yields 'Curvularin', a potent mycotoxin. Experimental Pheohyphomycosis and Mycotoxicosis were observed in albino rats. Spore suspension produced localised lesion; with simultaneous steroid therapy produced lesion in distant organs. Mycotoxin, Curvularin, produced hepatic necrosis.
The idea of hepatitis-cirrhosis-hepatocellular carcinoma sequence in liver was proposed by the workers in tropical Africa, the homeland of hepatocellular carcinoma. The discovery of Australia antigen by Blumberg et al provided the missing link and it was observed by several workers as well as the present group that Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBSAg) and(More)