Bijay Kumar Sethi

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An extracellular lipase-producing fungus was isolated from the garden soil of the Post Graduate Department of Botany, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India and identified as Aspergillus terreus. The A. terreus strain isolated was found to be capable of producing lipase in both solid state culture and liquid static surface culture. Experiments aimed(More)
In this investigation, Aspergillus terreus NCFT4269.10 was employed in liquid static surface (LSSF) and solid state (SSF) fermentation to assess the optimal conditions for α-amylase biosynthesis. One-variable-at-a-time approach (quasi-optimum protocol) was primarily used to investigate the effect of each parameter on production of amylase. The maximum(More)
Enzyme production by Aspergillus terreus NCFT 4269.10 was studied under liquid static surface and solid-state fermentation using mustard oil cake as a substrate. The maximum lipase biosynthesis was observed after incubation at 30°C for 96h. Among the domestic oils tested, the maximum lipase biosynthesis was achieved using palm oil. The crude lipase was(More)
Aspergillus terreus NCFT4269.10 was implemented in solid-state (SSF) and liquid static surface fermentation (LSSF) for biosynthesis of pectinase. Amongst various substrates, like, mustard oil cake, neem oil cake, groundnut oil cake, black gram peels, green gram peels, chickling vetch peels/grass pea peels wheat bran, pearl millet residues, finger millet(More)
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