Bijan Taeri

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The Hosoya polynomial of a molecular graph G is defined as ∑ ⊆ =) (} , {) , () , (G V v u v u d G H λ λ , where d(u,v) is the distance between vertices u and v. The first derivative of H(G,λ) at λ = 1 is equal to the Wiener index of G, defined as ∑ ⊆ =) (} , {) , () (G V v u v u d G W. The second derivative of) , (2 1 λ λ G H at λ = 1 is equal to the(More)
Topological indices of nanotubes are numerical descriptors that are derived from graph of chemical compounds. Such indices based on the distances in graph are widely used for establishing relationships between the structure of nanotubes and their physico-chemical properties. The Szeged index is obtained as a bond additive quantity where bond contributions(More)