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Distance-based consensus method for ABC analysis
A distance-based multi-criteria consensus framework on the concepts of ideal and negative-ideal solutions is presented for the ABC analysis of inventory items. This article demonstrates a way ofExpand
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A framework to measure relative performance of Indian technical institutions using integrated fuzzy AHP and COPRAS methodology
Abstract There are many opportunities and challenges in area of Indian technical education due to liberalization and globalization of economy. One of these challenges is how to assess performance ofExpand
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MCA Based Performance Evaluation of Project Selection
Multi-criteria decision support systems are used in various fields of human activities. In every alternative multi-criteria decision making problem can be represented by a set of properties orExpand
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Forecasting of engineering manpower through fuzzy associative memory neural network with ARIMA: a comparative study
Abstract The smooth working of industry depends on the availability of proper engineering manpower. If proper qualified and experienced technical personnel are not available, the industry cannot runExpand
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Selection of opencast mining equipment by a multi-criteria decision-making process
Sophisticated, capital-intensive, high-capacity earthmoving machinery is now being used in opencast coal mines to meet demand in the face of increasing pressure from competitors. The selection ofExpand
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A MOORA based fuzzy multi-criteria decision making approach for supply chain strategy selection
Article history: Received 25 October 2011 Received in revised form November, 2, 2011 Accepted February, 3 2012 Available online 16 February 2012 To acquire the competitive advantages in order toExpand
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The TOC-Based Algorithm for Solving Multiple Constraint Resources
The theory of constraints (TOC) emphasizes the exploitation of resource constraints in order to increase the product throughput of an organization. The product-mix decision is one application of theExpand
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Application of an adaptive neuro-fuzzy system for the prediction of cotton yarn strength from HVI fibre properties
Abstract This paper presents the application of a hybrid neuro-fuzzy system for the prediction of cotton yarn strength from HVI fibre properties. The proposed system possesses the advantages of bothExpand
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Soiling and Dust Impact on the Efficiency and the Maximum Power Point in the Photovoltaic Modules
The installation of PV systems for optimum yield is primarily dictated by its geographic location and installation design to maximize solar exposure. However, there are other depending factors thatExpand
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Determination of quality value of cotton fibre using hybrid AHP-TOPSIS method of multi-criteria decision-making
Abstract This paper presents a new multi-criteria decision-making approach to determine the quality value of cotton fibre. Major cotton fibre properties were considered and their relative importanceExpand
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