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With the rising popularity of the Internet there have arisen corresponding requirements for network reliability, efficiency, and service quality. Internet service providers are responding to these developments by critically examining every aspect of their operational environment, looking for opportunities to scale their networks and optimize performance. In(More)
Inter-domain path computation, or the ability to compute end-to-end paths across multiple domains, is the next step toward wide deployment of a distributed control plane with support for traffic engineering. A key enabler to achieve this goal is the introduction of a Path Computation Element (PCE) in each domain. There are various ways these elements can(More)
SUMMARY This paper considers optical transport and packet networks and discusses the constraints and solutions in computation of traffic engineering paths. We categorize the constraints into prunable or non-prunable classes. The former involves a simple metric which can be applied for filtering to determine the path. The latter requires a methodic(More)
In this paper, we propose a collaborative spectrum sensing method based on Stackelberg game in order to improve the sensing performance of cognitive radio users, especially when they are operating under severe channel fading. In this scheme the users with acceptable received SNR are allowed to lead the network sensing process and share their observations(More)