Bijan Bihari Misra

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In solving classification task of data mining, the traditional algorithm such as multi-layer perceptron takes longer time to optimize the weight vectors. At the same time, the complexity of the network increases as the number of layers increases. In this study, we have used Functional Link Artificial Neural Networks (FLANN) for the task of classification.(More)
This paper proposed a hybrid functional link artificial neural network (HFLANN) embedded with an optimization of input features for solving the problem of classification in data mining. The aim of the proposed approach is to choose an optimal subset of input features using genetic algorithm by eliminating features with little or no predictive information(More)
We propose a multi-objective Pareto-optimal technique using Genetic Algorithm (GA) for group communication , which determines a min-cost multicast tree satisfying end-to-end delay, jitter, packet loss rate and blocking probability constraints. The model incorporates a fuzzy-based selection technique for initialization of Quality of Service (QoS) parameter(More)
This paper presents a novel and notable swarm approach to evolve an optimal set of weights and architecture of a neural network for classification in data mining. In a distributed environment the proposed approach generates randomly multiple architectures competing with each other while fine-tuning their architectural loopholes to generate an optimum model(More)