Bienvenido Vélez

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HyPursuit is a new hierarchical network search engine that clusters hypertext documents to structure a given information space for browsing and search act ivities. Our content-link clustering algorithm is based on the semantic information embedded in hyperlink structures and document contents. HyPursuit admits multiple, coexisting cluster hierarchies based(More)
Query Refinement is an essential information retrieval tool that interactively recommends new terms related to a particular query. This paper introduces concept recall, an experimental measure of an algorithm's ability to suggest terms humans have judged to be semantically related to an information need. This study uses precision improvement experiments to(More)
We introduce Lynx, a new email extension for workflow systems based on Web Services. Web service based workflows provide support for aggregating web services into new higher-level web services by means of process composition. This approach does not usually support direct interaction with people. On the other hand, traditional collaboration tools like email(More)
In this thesis we describe the design of the Image Clustering features associated with the Terrascope system. TerraScope is an earth science data middleware system that was designed to facilitate collaboration among a set of data repositories (peers) who wish to provide their geospatial data through an integrated portal. Individual Terrascope repositories(More)
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